Brother machine accessories

Brother 3/8" bobbins  10 per pkg

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Brother FBK Oil

Heavier weight oil

Price:     $ 10.99

Border Frame for PR

Border frame for the PR series

Out of Stock
Brother 360x360 Hoop

14x14" hoop for PR series

Out of Stock
Brother 5Groove Pintuck Foot SA162

Out of Stock
Brother Bobbins SA155

Brother 3/8" bobbins 10/ pkg

Price:     $ 7.10

Brother Circular Attachment Bundle SACIRC1

Circular Attachment bundle, includes Braiding foot and Cording foot

Out of Stock
Brother Dual Feed Quilting Guide-SA206

Price:     $ 46.99

Brother Echo Quilting Foot

Echo Quilting Foot

Price:     $ 5.99

Brother Felting Needle-SA181

Price:     $ 31.99

Brother Fringe Foot SA142


Out of Stock
Brother Gathering Foot SA120


Out of Stock
Brother Hexagonal Driver

For changing needles on the PR series

Price:     $ 9.99

Brother King Spool Stand SA562

Two spool stand compatible with Dreamweaver series

Out of Stock
Brother Large Emb. Grid

Large Emb. grid for 8x12"

Out of Stock
Brother Med. Emb. grid

Use for 4x4" hoop

Out of Stock
Brother Multi-Function Foot Controller-SAMFFC

Price:     $ 465.99

Brother Needle Felting Attachment-SA180B

Price:     $ 249.00

Brother Open Toe Foot

Brother Open Toe Foot perfect for applique.

Price:     $ 35.99

Brother Organizing Caddy for Sewing and Embroidery-SASEBSC

Price:     $ 99.99

Brother Regular Emb. grid

Emb. grid for 5x7 hoop

Out of Stock
Brother Ruffler Foot SA143

Ruffler Foot

Out of Stock
Brother SA161 Adjustable Zipper Foot

Adjustable Zipper Foot

Price:     $ 17.99

Brother SA191 Stitch in the Ditch Foot

Stitch in the Ditch foot

Out of Stock
Brother SA192 Piping Foot

Piping Foot

Price:     $ 16.99

Brother Small Emb. Grid

For small embroidery hoop

Out of Stock
Brother tension gauge

Used to set bobbin tension

Price:     $ 5.99

Brother Wrench


Out of Stock
Brother XV8500D Rolling Bag Plus Set

Price:     $ 447.99

Cap Frame/Jig/Driver PR

60mm cap frame/driver/jig for PR

Out of Stock
Clamp Frame

Clamp frame for PR series

Out of Stock
Scan 'n Cut Tote Bag- Blue-CATOTEB

Price:     $ 199.99